Blac Panda was established in May, 2016 by people who love exploring, being at the top and believe in expressions. We help build those expressions and give them an outlet.

The story began at our desks and lounges with the need for handy techs and accessories to make life a little bit easier and a whole lot of fun.

Then we began researching and it was found out that people really want something unique and “out-of-the-box” products (especially the young ones) In terms of phone, laptop and other gadget accessories, lifestyle products which are designed especially for the young generation are not easy to find. We wanted to bring those products and additions to your life and thus Blac Panda was born.

Blac Panda aims at maintaining a personalised fun appeal while u hustle in life and why not hustle in style. It’s like a mini party at your desktop, work area or friends’ pads with happy and pretty little bundles to look at

We endeavour to build a destination for customers of items keenly selected and curated so u don’t have to bother searching for the good ones from the not so good because the whole collection is that rad. It will make you want to revamp your whole desk and study in no time.

We aim at pleasing and giving customers more of what they want a vast selection, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient online shopping experience at your doorstep without having to bother your aunts and cousins from different parts of the world to get things for you on their next trip.

Every team member is trying hard to meet your needs. We aim at customer satisfaction above all.

Each Item is made by our talented designers exceptionally.

At Blac Panda, We are trying to bring unique items altogether to give you ultimate satisfaction.

Every product, made for you.

So many people use Blac Panda to turn ideas into high-quality products. Shopping here means you’re supporting independent creators and the causes they care about. Everything you’ll find here is custom made with satisfaction and quality guaranteed.